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This is the Tehachapi Museum before the big trees in front had to be removed (and how I remember it when it was the Tehachapi Library). It’s a great place to learn about Tehachapi History, although like many other places it is currently closed due to the pandemic. This image is courtesy of Google Maps, which apparently haven’t been updated in a while).

A few very special people have done an excellent job of researching and recording the history of Tehachapi, California, and I am privileged to have known a number of them. (Stay tuned!)

Some of this research has found its way into books and articles (in print and online) and other valuable information is available in the various museums of Tehachapi and their websites.

The purpose of this website is to provide another online resource for people who want to learn more about the history of Tehachapi and the surrounding area — and to quickly access the work of others. This will be a big job. Please check back for updates!

Although I currently live elsewhere, Tehachapi will always be in my heart and I hope that this website will be a worthy addition to the efforts of many people to research and record the information that is our heritage.

— Claudia Elliott
April 2021, Brookings, Oregon

PS — I started working on this website when I lived in Oregon. It made me so homesick for Tehachapi that I moved back in September 2021. Now two years later I’m setting aside some time to move this project forward. Also, the pandemic is over and the Tehachapi Museum has reopened.

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