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As published in The Tomahawk, Tehachapi, California, in 1907

Originally published in The Tomahawk, Tehachapi, California, on Friday, Jan. 25, 1907

R.R. Taylor’s physical condition was so much improved last Tuesday that it was deemed prudent to remove him to Pasadena. It is expected that the family will make that city their home in the future.

Jesse P. Cuddeback was a visitor here from Mojave for a few hours last Tuesday evening.

F.M. Ferguson, of Ferguson Bro’s, butchers, is off for Texas to visit his father who is old and quite feeble. Some folks say he went to see a younger person but ‘tant’ so.

Henry Dover, of Bakersfield, was a visitor here last Saturday.

Miss Mary Haupt left last Saturday for Stockton where she will take a commercial course in a good business school.

Winston Spencer was visiting with relatives here last Saturday.

Jos. Cunningham returned this morning from a prospecting trip to the Desert.

W.H. Moseley, the Pool Room man, wishes to inform the people of Tehachapi and vicinity that he has put in a Barber Chair seperate from the pool room. That he has been in this business for years and guarantees satisfaction. Give him a call.

Mrs. W.W. Nelson has leased the Spencer house, on F street, adjoining the Durnal residence, where she will open a boarding house and expects to serve the first meal next Sunday.

E.T. Garlock came in from the station that has been his home last Tuesday. Mr. Garlock is out of commission for a few days with a bone-felon * on his right thumb.

Mrs. VanVoorhees will lead the Epworth League Sunday evening.

D.A. Cuddeback was a visitor in Tehechapi Wednesday from his cattle ranch near Paris. Mr. Cuddeback came over the mountain from Amalie and reports a heavy snow on the dividing range of the mountains. He says there is very little snow in Caliente valley and expects to commence plowing again in a few days if the weather continues fair.

Oliver Smith arrived this morning from Ryeolite. Mr. Smith is a former resident of Tehachapi who has spent several years among the new mining camps where he owns some valuable interests. Mr. Smith is a brother of Mrs. L.F. Brite and Mrs. P. Haupt of Tehachapi and he will spend some time visiting here.


This transcription keeps the original spelling and punctuation for the sake of accuracy, although more paragraph breaks may be added to aid readers. When errors of fact, or the spelling of names of people or places are known, they will be noted here, as appropriate.

Editor’s Note: * An infection of the pad of the finger is called a felon. (Who knew the things you could learn here!). I was wondering where D.A. Cuddeback traveled from and I think it was Lorraine. According to Wikipedia “The Paris post office opened in 1903, changed its name to Loraine in 1912, closed in 1918, re-opened in 1922, and closed for good in 1926.” And the reference to Amalie may be to the Amalie Mining District. In the item about Olive Smith, “Ryeolite” is probably Rhyolite, Nevada, now a ghost town.

Index notes: Brite, Mrs. L.F., Cuddeback, D.A., Cuddeback, Jesse P., Cunningham, Jos., Dover, Henry, Ferguson, F.M., Garlock, E.T., Haupt, Mary, Haupt, Mrs. P., Moseley, W.H., Nelson, Mrs. W.W., Smith, Oliver, Spencer, Winston, Taylor, R.R., VanVoorhees, Mrs.