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Traversing the Tehachapi Mountains seemed an insurmountable task until the plan for The Loop was developed. Photo by Carleton E. Watkins circa 1876. Courtesy of California State Library.

This website was born of an idea to try to organize the history of Tehachapi, California, to make more information easily accessible to more people. That’s a big job.

I started gathering information and then decided it would be easier to create the infrastructure first so material can be published more quickly. This means that if you’ve happened upon this website early on, it will seem quite incomplete. I hope you’ll check back.

My plan is to organize posts by categories, such as topic or date range. One category I will use is called “Perspective.” In these posts, I’ll do my best to provide information to help readers better understand the themes that tie Tehachapi history together.

I hope you’ll wish me luck!

— Claudia Elliott
April 2021, Brookings, Oregon