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As published in The Tomahawk, Tehachapi, California, in 1907

Originally published in The Tomahawk, Tehachapi, California, on Friday, Jan. 11, 1907


An explosion at the Chormicle plant aroused many of our residents la;n Saturday night.

Fortunately, no serious damage resulted further than scorching Mr. Chormicle’s hair and head.

This transcription keeps the original spelling and punctuation for the sake of historical accuracy, although more paragraph breaks may be added to aid readers. When errors of fact or the spelling of names of people or places are known, they will be noted below, as appropriate.
Index notes: Chormicle, Mr. *

* Editor’s note: I believe this was Frank C. (likely Crawford) Chormicle, born around 1869 in California. He was listed as living in Kern County in the 1910 Census with his wife Rose and a son Oscar. However, by 1914 Rose had remarried and by 1918, Frank had remarried. The typographical error in the first sentence of the article is exactly as it appeared. I believe the writer meant “last Saturday night.”