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As published in The Tomahawk, Tehachapi, California, in 1907

Originally published in The Tomahawk, Tehachapi, California, on Friday, Jan. 11, 1907


The resignation of R.R. Taylor as Justice of the Peace, was accepted by the Board of Supervisors last Tuesday.

The matter of appointing a successor came up yesterday. Two applicants, Chas. Heath and Jas. M. Brite, presented numerously signed petitions. The matter was disposed of by appointing Mr. Heath.

This transcription keeps the original spelling and punctuation for the sake of historical accuracy, although more paragraph breaks may be added to aid readers. When errors of fact or the spelling of names of people or places are known, they will be noted below, as appropriate.

Index notes: Taylor, R.R.; Heath, Chas.; Brite, Jas. M.

Editor’s note: What isn’t mentioned in this article is that Chas. Heath was also the editor and publisher of The Tomahawk at the time he was appointed as Justice of the Peace for Tehachapi. I also found it interesting that just before this article, on page 3 of the newspaper, there was a note that stated, “Owing to attending to more important business during first of the it is impossible to get some interesting matter into print this week. The ‘Tomahawk’ will attempt to ‘make good’ in the future.” I believe the word “week” was missing from that sentence. Remember, the Kern County Board of Supervisors then (as now) met in Bakersfield, which was a much more difficult journey in 1907 than it is now. So, basically, the editor and publisher of the newspaper was busy getting himself appointed as Justice of the Peace and didn’t have time to gather and write up other news.