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As published in The Tomahawk, Tehachapi, California, in 1907

Originally published in The Tomahawk, Tehachapi, California, on Friday, Jan. 11, 1907


The town of Tehachapi is under double police patrol just now; not because of any unusual lawlessness, present or threatened, but because two different men are trying to hold down the job of night-watchman and each is trying to “make good” for the emoluments of that exalted position.

During the past year or so the Honorable F. Soto, a citizen of Portuguese nativity who had gained a high standing among the High Moguls in his adopted town, has carried the club and lantern that were the terror of all evil doers whose misdeeds came with the rays of the aforesaid lantern. But the lantern burned so dim and Mr. Soto’s hearing was so poor that the Official club did not always swing at the right time and many unlawful acts of the “night hawks” were not satisfactorily explained to the property owners who furnish the Salary. Some of the subscribers to the Salary fund became dissatisfied with the service furnished and signed up for W.H. Vance to succeed Mr. Soto. But Soto now claims a Missouri trait and says “they must ‘show me.”

We are therefore doubly guarded at present.

This transcription keeps the original spelling and punctuation for the sake of historical accuracy, although more paragraph breaks may be added to aid readers. When errors of fact or the spelling of names of people or places are known, they will be noted below, as appropriate.

Index notes: Soto, F.; Vance, W.H.